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Mindfulness in Therapy

About this Mindfulness in Therapy Course

Level: assessed at level 2 equivalent by ACCPH, ideal for CPD, knowledge development, suitable for therapists of all modalities/backgrounds
Availability: worldwide

Mindfulness is hugely popular at present because of the health and wellness benefits it brings. It is suitable for use with clients of all kinds and can be utilised as an aid to lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking or controlling weight as well as for stress management and reduction.

This course includes 4 modules:

  • the origins of mindfulness
  • the growth of the secular version
  • the evidence for (and against) using it in your practice
  • resources to help you integrate mindfulness into your practice: with individuals or groups, as a stand-alone service or integrated into what you already offer

This home study course comprises a booklet of notes and a workbook which are emailed to you within 24 hours of enrolling. The notes include practical tasks, links to further information and resources such as client worksheets, and a variety of other exercises to help consolidate your reading as you work your way through the course.

Each module is supported by a brief slide show which picks out the main points of the module and sometimes adds extra information. Most of these are unlisted (meaning you have to enrol in the course to have access) but the first is freely available to give you a taster.

Once you have enrolled there is no time limit on completing the course.



Further Information

ACCPH Accredited Course

  ACCPH generally follow the difficulty benchmarks used on the RQF, but these may be adapted to fit generally recognised requirements of the therapy the course is aimed at. 
  The mindfulness in therapy course is assessed at the equivalent of level 2.

  It's available worldwide.

  Author/tutor: Debbie Waller


 Feedback on this course

A very well structured course, and easy to follow - ACCPH appraisal

I have really enjoyed this course, I feel it has given me a deeper understanding of Mindfulness and its benefits. All of the additional links and Videos helped cement that understanding and there are a few I will be looking at and listening to again as I found them really insightful. Charlotte Williams

I found the content and support extremely useful, I enjoyed the exercises. Eileen Wellings

 I always enjoy a course that is not biased. I feel this course gave me a balanced view of Mindfulness, pointing out both its pros and cons. DP

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